How to Create a Web Site Account

First, click the 'Request Account' link from the left 'Primary links' menu.

Primary Links image

You will then be presented with a form to create an account.

The fields with an orange asterisk are required. The webmasters will review your application for an account and you will receive an e-mail when your account has been established. The Webmasters may edit your user name to meet the standards for the site, which are explained on the registration page.

Note: although your e-mail address is required to join the site, it is not posted on the site for other users to see. Therefore, you need have no concern about 'bots' collecting your e-mail address from the website.  Member contact is initiated via a web form that will create an email message. The individual who receives this e-mail from you will be given your e-mail address in the 'reply to' field, but otherwise your e-mail address is not distributed.