2010, September 12

Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association

2010 Annual Meeting and Neighborhood Gathering
September 12, 2010
4- 6 pm
I.  Call to Order
Tim Dawson, Association President, called to order the meeting of the Brookfield Heritage Neighborhood Association at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 12, 2010.
II.  Approval of minutes from 2009 meeting
Nella Davis-Ray, Association Secretary, provided copies of the minutes from last year’s meeting. Motion to accept the minutes as written was seconded and approved. 
III. Treasurer’s Report
The Association dues that are collected are used primarily to replace trees and for the cost of community events, for example the yearly gathering.   Jan Bernsten reported that as of September 12, 2010, we have $1,939.59 in our checking account, $286.58 in the savings account, for a total of $2,226.17 in our Association’s account.
IV.  President’s Report
Recognition and thanks was given to Nancy Knupfer of Tomie Raines for providing the hot dogs for this year’s gathering. Thanks were also given to Dan Merkel, our grill master and this year’s Board members.
V.     Introduction of Neighbors
This year instead of introducing just our new neighbors, every neighbor present introduced themselves and said a little about themselves (where they lived, how long, etc.) New neighbors were welcomed to the neighborhood. Good turnout this year.
VI. Report on Trees
Pat Robinson walked the neighborhood this year with the City environmental specialist, Dave Smith. She reported that trees are doing well this year. Pat reported that there is a tree at 158 Oakland that needs to come down. Two trees are scheduled to be planted this month. The City has no funding to replace trees, current funding being used to remove dead ash trees. Again this year, Pat encouraged all to call the City if you feel that you have a tree at the front of your home that you feel is creating a hazardous condition. Brookfield is the only EL neighborhood that plants their own trees. Or next year Pat suggested that the focus should be on maintaining the current trees. Pat is asking permission of the Board to hire an arborist to cut suckers and limb up the trees in the neighborhood.
VII.  Brookfield Website – Carl Lira brought a laptop to the meeting and helped neighbors create accounts and showed the site to those that did not know about it. He gave an update of what’s currently on the site and encouraged everyone to post to the site. Board thanked Carl for his work on the site.
VIII.  MI/Grand River Transportation Study – Lori Mullins, RLA Community and Economic Development Administrator was invited to talk about the study and answer questions. Concern expressed about safely getting across Grand River, loss of private property along Grand River, reduced or no median. Talked about bus rapid transit option which would have a dedicated lane. Bogue to Stoddard area creates a problem for a dedicated lane. In this area would need to have a shared lane. The closest stations to our neighborhood would probably be located at Hagadorn & Northwind and Hagadorn & Grand River. CATA will need to submit the locally preferred option. Next step of the study is for CATA to host yet to be scheduled open houses for neighborhoods bordering Grand River. See CATA’s website for more detailed info on this project: www.migrtrans.org
IX. Neighborhood Safety Update -Tom Weibert, EL Police Chief, attended the meeting. We were informed that there were199 burglaries in the city this year. Two of the burglaries happened in our neighborhood. Both were daytime burglaries. Tom reminded all to call the police if we come home and believe that a burglary has occurs instead of going into the house to investigate. 
X.  Nomination of New Board Members
There were four openings on the Board due to the expiration of terms for three members and one resignation. The following Association members were nominated:
Dawn Parker, 253 Oakland Drive
Rhoda Wolff, 1625 Roseland Ave.
Judy Cunningham, 1511 Roseland
Susie Engelhart, 244 Maplewood
Members accepted their nominations. Motion to approve all four nominated members as new Board members passed. The Board was very pleased to have representatives from Roseland Ave.
XI. Neighborhood Concerns – The neighbors were informed that the Board was submitting letter to CATA voicing some of the neighborhood’s concerns about the MI/Grand River Transportation Study.
XII.  Adjournment
Tim Dawson adjourned the meeting at approximately 6:00 p.m. 
Minutes submitted by: Nella Davis -Ray


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